Notice of Neighborhood Meeting


You are invited to participate in an online open house from November 24-26 to learn more
about a proposed development in your neighborhood. Please go to the online open house at to read a description of the project, see plans and elevations, and leave your comments. If you leave an email address, we will send you a Neighborhood Outreach Summary
with the concerns expressed, our responses, and any modification to the design made as a
result of the feedback. We will also host a conference call on November 24th at 6:00 PM to answer
questions and respond to neighborhood comments and suggestions. Please call in to 206-367-3600
to join this call.

If you are unable to participate in the online open house you may call Marlin Gabbert at 206-367-3600 or email any time before November 25th to discuss
the project, request mailed/emailed drawings, and request a copy of the Neighborhood
Outreach Summary.

Project Description: Our Client owns a piece of property adjacent to the park and ride at 192nd and Aurora which is presently designated as Public Facility (it was formerly owned by King County) on the Comprehensive Plan. The zoning map has the underlying zone as R18 which is High Density Residential. For the present owner to be able to develop his property the comprehensive plan designation needs to be changed to High Density Residential to be in conformance with the Zoning map. In addition, the property is large enough accommodate 16-18 attached single family townhomes which will act as a buffer between the park and ride and the R-6 Single family to the West. To do this the Owner will be requesting a rezone to R-48 which will allow the proposed Townhome density. The Townhomes will be 2 and 3 stories. Two stories to the west and Three stories to the east.  Attached on the reverse side of this letter is a Site Plan and a Vicinity Map

Required Applications:

  • Site Development
  • Building
  • Preliminary Plat
  • Administrative Design Review
  • SEPA Environmental Review



Marlin J. Gabbert

Gabbert Architects Planners